About Us

Our mission is to maximize the health and function of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and related disorders through multidisciplinary care, support, education, and research. Our MS center was first developed in 1993 and works in partnership with the National MS Society (NMSS).

We were one of the first centers nationally recognized as an affiliated comprehensive care center by the NMSS (still affiliated) and are also an active member of the Consortium of MS Centers.

We have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals including neurologists, nurses, a physician assistant, and research staff. We work in close partnership with many organizations and individuals throughout UPMC and the region to provide high-quality comprehensive care to people with MS.

Clinical Outpatient Program

Our extremely active outpatient clinical program includes:

  • A weekly multidisciplinary clinic that offers speech, language, and physical therapies, cognitive evaluations, and on-site support for social and medical needs provided by NMSS staff.
  • An infusion center to meet the medical needs of MS patients Monday through Friday.
  • A Research Division that includes multi-center studies of investigative therapies.
  • Educational programs by the PIMSCAR staff for MS patients, caregivers, allied health professionals, medical students, residents, and physicians.
  • Lectures by PIMSCAR staff for many regional support groups and national professional staff.